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In December of 2016, the House of Mercy reached out to the Urban Erie Community Development Corporation to see if they could combine their efforts of neighborhood revitalization and complete larger projects to benefit the entire neighborhood. This collaboration effort led to the establishment of the Eastside Grassroots Coalition. The boundary of the EGC includes the area that both organizations serve, with East 12th Street as the northern border, Franklin Avenue, Bird Drive, and Groveland Avenue as the eastern borders, and the Bayfront Connector as the western and southern border.

The goal of the EGC is to engage residents, community organizations, and businesses to revitalize the Buffalo Road Corridor and surrounding neighborhoods creating a prosperous and thriving community.

Our neighborhood is a diverse and prospersous community with engaged residents, community-based organizations and businesses where investments are made to improve employment and educational opportunities and youth are mentored, valued, and rewarded for meaningful hard work.

EGC Vision:
  • Improve the Neighborhood
  • Promote Employment, ​​Economic Development, & Education
  • Foster Youth Development
  • Assume Effective Governance
  • Improve Health of Community
  • Attract Public and Private Investment
EGC Goals:

The Eastside Grassroots Coalition has already completed numerous projects aimed at achieving the goals of the organization listed above. In addition, they recently published a comprehensive Strategic Plan with detailed action steps for each goal to be completed within the next 5 years. You can view the plan in its entirety here. 

The House of Mercy is proud to be an integral part of the Eastside Grassroots Coalition and will continue to support its efforts in the coming years. To read more about the EGC, its past and present projects, and learn how to get involved, visit today!

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